Flying Oak Games
Based in Metz, France

Release date:
Q4, 2015 (canceled)

Xbox One


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Dance to the glory of your leader! Hoy! is a music rhythm game using Kinect and set in a totalitarian dictatorship. Your leader urges you to dance for his glory, by reproducing stances and shouting "hoy!" to validate them. The game will be featured in the upcoming Kinect indie games anthology Best Party Ever, scheduled for release later in 2015.


Born from the 2012 Global Game Jam as a collaboration between Thomas Altenburger and Laurence Vagner, Hoy! is a game that has been regularly show cased at festivals. Fast forward to 2015, Hoy! is now a full blown game featuring its very own soundtrack and will be featured in the upcoming indie Kinect anthology Best Party Ever which will also feature silly games from many other independent game studios. While being totally finished, the game has been canceled a couple month ahead its release for external reasons (*cough* Kinect *cough*).


  • Immediate fun for up to 2 players.
  • Super fast and accurate body and voice recognition.
  • Pro mode specifically designed for competitions.
  • Orchestral soundtrack.
  • Accessibility mode designed for people with reduced mobility.


Hoy! - Anthem teaser (title screen)  YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

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About Flying Oak Games

Made of wood and pixels, Flying Oak Games (FOG) is an handcrafted independent video game studio growing up in a secret forest of the North East of France (in Metz).

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Hoy! Credits

Thomas Altenburger
Developer & Game Designer, Flying Oak Games

Laurence Vagner
Graphics, Freelance artist

Olivier Defradat & Clément Osmont
Soundtrack, Leitmotion

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks